Specialized English Courses with ELS

Academic, Business, and Education English

At ELS, we understand that your reasons for learning English and your language goals may be quite specific. That's why, in addition to our General English programs, we also provide a range of specialized courses that are as diverse as our students.

More and more students are looking to pursue their higher education overseas and want to prepare their language skills for these studies. For this reason, many students undertake Academic English courses that are specific to the academic world focusing on vocabulary, writing, and effective English note-taking. These Academic English programs are available in the United States, Canada and Australia.

For professionals looking to expand their skills in an international context, ELS also has a range of courses focused on Business English. These courses develop vocabulary specific to the business world and foster fluency across a range of professional situations, including meetings, presentations, phone calls, interviews, and more.

Finally, we also provide specialized courses that focus on the teaching of English. These study abroad programs develop the skills and techniques required for teaching as a foreign language.