Why learn with ELS?

Simple: a high quality education

The satisfaction of our students is important to us, as is their future success in their studies and careers. That is why we insist on the high quality of the educational programs that we provide in our schools worldwide.

Qualified teachers

Every teacher at ELS is a highly trained professional who is experienced at teaching English as a second language. The vast majority have achieved a university degree at honors level, masters level, or higher.

Recognized excellence

Judith Dillon, a teacher at ELS, received an award for Excellence in Teaching from TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages), an international body that represents the English language education industry.

Continuing education

Teachers at ELS undertake professional development programs throughout the year to ensure they remain at the forefront of English language education.

Dedicated teachers

ELS is known for the dedication, skill and experience of its teachers. Many have been with ELS for over 15 years.

World-class curriculum

The ELS program is constantly being improved and expanded based upon research and input from our experienced teachers and our students. ELS has also developed and written its own unique educational materials, which not only ensures a high quality and comprehensive program, but it also puts our teachers in the best position to help their students progress and effectively achieve their language goals.

Active involvement in educational networks and communities

ELS encourages all its teachers to join professional associations, such as TESOL and NAFSA, and regularly attend conferences related to English education. Many of the teachers at ELS are industry leaders and since 2007, members of staff have spoken at more than 40 seminars and conferences all over the world. In addition, many ELS teachers, center directors, and other members of staff hold senior positions in TESOL, NAFSA, as well as other groups that support the teaching of English as a foreign language.

With such a dedication to excellence, you can be confident that ELS will help you reach your full potential.