University admission

Study in the United States, Canada, Europe or Australia

Do you dream of attending university in the United States, Canada, Europe or Australia? ELS will help you achieve your dream!

Studying abroad can be a daunting prospect, but at ELS we understand this; through our partnerships with over 650 universities in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia, we can assist you through every stage of the process.

Selecting your university

Our website allows you to find a university that is the perfect match for you. You can browse through  a list of our partner institutions worldwide to learn more about the courses and services they provide. In the United States, you can also search through universities according to your preferred destination, area of study, admission criteria, course fees, and many more. Once you have selected your university, you can easily create a profile and start the registration process.

Contact an ELS counselor

We have a network of knowledgeable and experienced counselors all over the world. They can help you to, among other things, select your university, prepare your documentation for visas, and much more. Speak to your local counselor today.

Get your letter of conditional admission

For admission to a university, international students must be able to demonstrate their English skills. If you have completed your application, but you do not yet have the required level of English, you can request a letter of conditional admission, indicating that you will be admitted if a certain level of English is achieved.

Achieve your English goals at an ELS school

To reach the required level, ELS offers personally designed academic English programs. An Advanced ELS accreditation in English (109-112, depending on the university) is recognized by many academic institutions across the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. As some universities also require applicants to achieve a minimum score on the TOEFL or IELTS tests, ELS also offers preparation programs specific to these tests in our English schools.

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