English Tests and Examinations

Determine your Proficiency and receive Official Certification

Pre-departure test at ELS

Before your leave on your study abroad adventure, test your language skills to determine what level you currently achieve as well as the duration of study required to reach your English competency goals. You may sit this test with an ELS councilor any time before departure.

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ELS Certificates

You can receive an official ELS certificate of achievement upon successful completion of each level of your ELS studies and an ELS Certificate of Completion upon successfully completing ELS Level 112. This Certificate is accepted by more than 650 partner universities worldwide as proof of attaining your English language requirements for entry and replaces the need to take an official examination such as TOEFL® or IELTS™.

In addition, ELS offers four internationally recognized examinations that you may also choose to sit, depending on your language learning goals. Each exam assesses a different aspect of language competency and application. The information below can be used as a guide to decide which of these exams are appropriate for you.


What is this test?

This online test assesses a students English language competency. It focuses on a diverse range of written communication skills and is often required for admission to universities in English-speaking countries (particularly the United States), as well as some French universities and many employers.

Who should sit it?

Any student looking to pursue an education at an English-speaking university will require a TOEFL® score. Many American universities accept the TOEFL® score as sufficient to demonstrate that a student has the required grasp of English, whether it be admission to a bachelor, masters, or doctorate course. Some French universities also require prospective students to achieve a certain score on the TOEFL® exam.

Preparation and passing the exam

The developers of the TOEFL®, Educational Testing Services (ETS), have an agreement with ELS that allows students to take the TOEFL® iBT at any of the ELS schools in the United States (excluding Juilliard, New York). The preparation program provided by ELS allows students to maximize their chances of achieving a good score and provides a place for students to practice and prepare for the exam through a comprehensive 12 week program. 

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What is this test?

The IELTS™ (International English Language Testing System) is recognized by more than 6000 institutions in over 135 countries. Thousands of universities accept an IELTS™ score as sufficient to demonstrate that a student has the required grasp of English. This exam assesses reading comprehension, in addition to written and oral expression. Depending on your objective, you can choose between the academic and general forms of the exam. Students undertake an interview with an examiner for the oral component of the exam.

Who should sit it?

Any student looking to pursue their studies at a university that requires a certain score on the IELTS™ exam. Many professional organizations as well as governmental authorities also recognize the IELTS™ exam, which increases its utility for many students.

Preparation and passing the exam

ELS schools in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada, as well as Sydney, Australia, all offer comprehensive preparation courses for IELTS™ (IELTS™ Australia - IELTS™ Canada). In addition, more than 20 ELS schools in the U.S. are registered examination centers.

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What is this test?

Cambridge exams are recognized by more than 12,500 education institutions, employers, and government agencies worldwide. The three exams that are most widely accepted are the FCE (First Certificate in English), the CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) and the CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English).

Who should sit it?

Any student wanting to study at a university that recognizes the Cambridge exams as proof of their English proficiency. The exams are most widely accepted by UK and Australian institutions, but they are also extensively accepted elsewhere around the world where English is not the first language (such as Switzerland).

Preparation and passing the exam

The ELS school in Sydney, Australia offers a comprehensive preparation program for both the FCE and the CAE. The programs vary in length from 10 to 12 weeks, depending on the amount of content you wish to cover.

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What is this test?

The TOEIC is is a certificate of English proficiency  that is recognized by many major corporations and government agencies worldwide.

Who should sit it?

Any student who must obtain a minimum TOEIC score to work in a particular company or industry (often multi-national corporations). In addition, the TOEIC score is occasionally a criteria for admission to some universities.

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