ELS Courses and Levels

A comprehensive program with 12 levels of proficiency

An ELS education covers all aspects of language learning, including listening and writing comprehension, written and oral expression, extensive vocabulary, grammar, and correct pronunciation. New ELS students are tested on the day of arrival to establish their language competence and to determine which level is right for them (from level 101-112). Each level consists of 20 to 30 hours per week over a period of four weeks.

During your session, you will:

  • Improve your listening comprehension with exercises

  • Develop your writing skills

  • Undertake team work with other students and the teacher organizing debates

  • Evaluate your progress through regular testing and coaching from your teacher

  • Achieve your personal goals in the language education technology centers

  • Practice your English on a daily basis

Progress to the next level

At the end of each session, students who have achieved the required competency will progress next level.

Students are assessed across a range of criteria, including:

  • Participation

  • Test performance

  • Completion of homework

  • Standardized exams at the completion of each level

Who are ELS courses for?

ELS programs are suitable for anyone who wants to improve their English. If you want to study at an English-speaking university, then the intensive academic English course is right for you. Over 650 universities accept the ELS Advanced Academic English program (equivalent to level 109 to 112) as a certification of proficiency in English valid for admission. If you want to improve your English for personal or professional reasons, then we suggest the Intensive General English program. Both of the Academic and General English programs include 30 lessons per week. If you’d prefer to have more free time during your study abroad experience, we also have the semi-intensive program of 20 lessons per week, or the American Explorer program of 15 lessons per week.

Whatever your language learning goals, ELS has the program that’s right for you!

ELS Levels
101 / 102


Key skills:
  • Knowledge of words and phrases

  • Able to respond to questions and follow simple instructions.

102 / 103


Key skills:
  • Capable of communicating in day-to-day situations.

  • Able to understand people speaking slowly and clearly.

104 / 105


Key skills:
  • Able to understand most phrases and questions spoken at normal speed.

  • Capable of holding a conversation with native speaking.

  • Able to communicate in stores, order in restaurants, and ask for directions.

105 / 106

Upper Intermediate

Key skills:
  • Able to talk about events and provide an opinion.

  • Capable of discussing and demonstrating some knowledge of the culture

  • Students can undertake TOEFL® iBT or Business English programs.

107 / 108


Key skills:
  • Able to use English fluently and with presision, both in speaking and writing.

  • Capable of participating in all conversation.

  • Students can undertake a certification course for college (at ELS centers that offer this option).

  • Students can undertake work in English at a basic level.

108 / 109

Upper advanced

Key skills:
  • Able to interact in most situations.

  • Knowledge of several styles of language at different registers.

  • Able to hold a conversation with native speakers.

  • Students can get credits for a course at university.

  • Students are able to complete a graduate program of two years (for students at English academic level 109).

110 / 111 / 112


Key skills:
  • You are able to speak and understand English fluently.

  • Your language skills are sufficient to meet the demands of reading and writing at a professional or academic level (Academic English program).

Opportunités :
  • Students are able to follow a U.S. university program of four years (only for students at Academic English level 112).

  • Students are proficient in Business English .

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